Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Baseball Season

Growing up, I always felt like my dad was secretly disappointed not to have a son, but two girls instead. He dragged us to countless Rangers games, made us watch it on tv, and if we were in the car we had to listen to it on the radio (I despised this!). But somewhere along the way I learned to love the sport and the Rangers and now I’m glad I do. If I hadn’t, I don’t know how I’d survive my super obsessed Poodle, or even carry on a conversation with him. This is a small thing I know, but I believe God was preparing me to be Poodle’s mom and probably Brad’s wife too. That being said, I was just as excited as my boys were to head out to Rangers Fanfest last weekend. There were games and activities for poodles, present and former Rangers to meet, and a chance to see the ALCS trophy up close and in person.

I felt like a giddy little school girl as I watched Poodle participate in a fielding clinic with Steve Buechele. Steve Buechele!!! I loved him as a child mostly because of the way the crowd booed when ever his name was announced. Steve Booooooooooochelle!!! OMG! Poodle is learning from Steve Booooooooooooooochelle! I got even more out of control when they posed for a picture together. But wait! Then he autographed a ball for us!

Brad had a similar moment of silliness when we met Chuck Greenburg, the Rangers new owner, who is changing the course of Rangers history. Alright, he wasn’t quite as bad as I was, but he got about as excited as he gets (that one’s a cool guy).

We ate some hot dogs, stalked Josh Hamilton (to no avail), took lots of pictures, played, and enjoyed some time just the three of us. All in all it was a fabulous day that ended in a quick visit with my dad. We had to show him all of our pictures and tell him all about everything we had just seen and done. And now we’re all geared up to see what this season will hold for our Texas Rangers. Even Booch is getting ready…I just ordered her new Rangers bows for her pigtails!!!

Poodle with Steve Buechele

My boys with Chuck Greenburg

Poodle with the trophy

Giving us the antlers

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