Thursday, January 6, 2011

Couponing 101

My sister is fantastic at sniffing out good deals. So, she graciously agreed to teach me and a friend of mine all of her tricks of the trade. She taught us how to clip and organize our coupons and how to find the very best deals in the circulars and online. We all had fun and learned a lot too! Here's the coupon diva in action.
The real test came a couple of days later when I headed to my local Walgreen's for some good deals. My shopping trip didn't exactly go as planned. They were sold out of everything I wanted to pick up! I ended up with three bottles of hand soap. I got them all for a steal...$1.92! Heehee. I learned a lesson about waiting until the last minute for the very best deals. I'm looking forward to trying again this week!

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