Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Really to Brad too….but whatever. Today is the anniversary of the day I became a mommy. I wish I could say it started out fantastic, but that just wouldn’t be true. I didn’t get to hold my poodle for several hours after he was born. And I can honestly say those were the longest hours of my life. I was scared to death we wouldn’t be able to bond, that he wouldn’t know I was his mommy, and that he’d never nurse. The situation went from bad to worse as he was later admitted to the NICU for being (wait for it)….too BIG! I remember feeling guilty as I’d sit with him. Guilty for being sad when my biggest problem in life was a baby that couldn’t control his blood sugar or temperature. All around us there were tiny babies who had been hospitalized for months. Our stay was short, only a few days, but it left me feeling anxious about motherhood. Luckily, I overcame all of my fears and poured my heart and soul into raising my wee one. And it all turned out exactly as it should. He loves me more than anyone else in the world and always has. We’re attached at the hip and I dread the day he outgrows me. So, Happy Anniversary to me and Happy 8th Birthday to the sweet little boy that made me who I am today, the only thing I ever really wanted to be….a mommy!

Here he is fresh from the oven!

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