Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snow Day! Sort of...

Anytime we get snow in our part of the world it's big news. And Poodle gets super excited because he's a boy that lives in a part of the world that doesn't see a lot of snow. And because he's a boy. And 7.

He's been hoping for snow for weeks so that we could take our weekly family football game outside (we usually play in the living room while we watch the Cowboys) and roll around in the snow a little bit. So, when the weatherman said 3 to 6 inches of snow, my boy was fired up. When we came out of church on Sunday morning big, beautiful snowflakes were falling and he was ready for some football! We all got bundled up and headed outside to find that the snow was already starting to melt. My Sweet, being the awesome daddy that he is, loaded us up and drove around until we found a spot that had more of the powdery white stuff than our front yard did. By the time we found our spot, Booch was fast asleep (probably due to all the sleepless nights), so she and I stayed in the warm car (YAY!). The boys played a quick game of football (shockingly, Poodle won ;) ) and came running back to the car declaring that it was too cold and too wet to play any longer. Every night since, Poodle's prayed for snow. And not just a little bit of snow...mountains of snow, snowy blizzards, enough snow to close school for at least a week. I don't share his deep love of the snow, but because I adore him I'm praying along with him and crossing my fingers that one of these days we get a REAL snow day...the kind of day with no school and no work. I did hop out of the car just long enough to snap a couple of pics of my boys playing in the snow, so I'll leave you with these cute faces.

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